What has your devotion?

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but it’s been a long while since I’ve been called a “Virgin.” But Denise and I were tabbed with that title when – after lucking into some Garth Brooks tickets – we found ourselves surrounded by devotees who follow him from town to town while discovering those (like us) who are at their very first Garth show!

Then when the concert started, it turns out Garth didn’t even have to sing too much of each song because the audience would drown him out. On several songs he’d just hold us mike up to the audience and save his voice…and among other things I was caught in my tracks by the enthusiastic, unified proclamations of his words by a choir of about 17,000 people. Oh that our church gatherings could so enthusiastic!

It got me to thinking about devotion. What role does devotion play in our lives? Not just what are we devoted to (our career, a hobby or two?) or who we are devoted to (our families, our close friends?) but what are we each devoted to becoming.

As much as Denise and I enjoyed the concert – and just being together – it obviously came to an end, and the throng of people marched back to their cars, taxis and Ubers to take a nap and get ready for another week. The concert will be a great memory, but it ended. Each of us has a capacity, though, to be devoted to the deeper things in life in ways that do not end. The Psalmist wrote “Sing a new song. Play skillfully. Shout with joy!”

I hope there’s some newness to each of our lives this year. I hope we’re skillful at becoming refreshingly better versions of ourselves. And I hope it’s joyful. And I hope we’re not trying it alone. That may not sound too religious, but it’s pleasing to The One who made us for more than just the same-ol’-same-ol’.

Make it a great week, -Doug

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