More Blessed to Give

One of the best-known, non-divisive and publicly accepted bible verses says “It is more blessed to give than receive.”

And our Thoughts on the Rocks crowd is going to focus on it this coming Wednesday, Feb. 15, 6 pm at The Pub in Rookwood. Nope…there won’t be a pitch. There won’t be a big ask for your wallet or your time. We won’t drag out the big thermometer and advertise a fundraising campaign!

What we WILL do is have some great discussions – and hear from some great guys – about how each of us can be more effective at identifying those around us who are in need. And, discussions about what to do about it.

Cincinnati has more downtown non-profit organizations per capita than any major city in the United States. But there are those who are weak, or hurting, or in need, or those who could use some help that are around us every day. And, often it’s not cash they need.

This will be a big night and a big step forward in the evolution of Thoughts on the Rocks. Call a friend if you want and we’ll see you at The Pub Wednesday at 6. And, if you wanna help us, send an RSVP so we can plan hospitality. The apps and drinks are on us!

Make it a great week, -Doug

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