Picture in a Picture

You’ve probably heard the term “Split Screen Nation,” a term which the media and some politicians have coined to describe the radically different “sides” of our country. Democrat or Republican. Liberal or Conservative. Progressive or Religious. Global Culture or America First. CNN or Fox.

But I think we’re even more tilted than that. I think most people in our culture don’t see it as split screen (50/50), but rather as “picture-in-picture,” with their view as the main predominate screenshot, and a little itsy bitsy tiny notice of the other side in the little box in the corner.

Rarely was this more evident than in the release of “The Shack,” produced by my friend Brad Cummings. It premiered last Friday, almost made its budget back in the first weekend, and got a whopping 88% “like” from the public on Rotten Tomatoes, a movie critique website. At the same time, the critics were giving it about an 88% negative rating as a poll of their reviews. Rarely has the chasm between what Americans tend to like vs. the media’s bias against faith or conservatism been more clear.

Whatever your preference or taste, I’m glad that Thoughts on the Rocks – as well as our trips – provide a fertile ground to discuss things that matter, where our information comes from, and, most importantly, how it applies to us each becoming better versions of ourselves. Who we get our information from – and advice – has a lot to do with who we’re becoming. If you’re in Cincy I hope to see you and a guest(s) this Wednesday at The Pub in Rookwood at 6. As usual, the hospitality is on us.

And, I hope that we can all have a role in helping our friends ask the big questions of life that really matter, which goes well beyond whether or not FOX or CNN is their “big screen.” Make it a great week, -Doug

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