Unlike Any Other

Whether you were watching The Masters’ this year or not, you’ve probably heard Jim Nance call it a tradition “Unlike Any Other.”

I’ve never been there. My friend Bob Lento was there this year. As were some of Chad’s friends. But not me. I’ve never been there. My brother has even played there. But not me. I’ve never been live at the tournament “Unlike Any Other.”

Do I sound like I’m whining yet?!!

Seriously, it’s a great phrase. What if each of us were to ask ourselves, every so often, “What am I doing — or am called to do — ‘Unlike Any Other?’” The scriptures say that we’re each “uniquely and wonderfully made.” That said, what are we then doing because we’re “Unlike Any Other” to do it? Or at least Unlike Any Other that our friends, family or colleagues will meet?

Is there a way we could be generous to others, unlike any other?

Is there a way we could forgive, or at least not hold a grudge, unlike any other?

Is there a way we could sacrifice, unlike any other?

Is there a way we could ditch a bad habit, against the odds and unlike any other?

Is there a way we could bring Shalom (peace) to Chaos, unlike any other?

This weekend, we celebrated my wife, Denise, and her 55th birthday. She is truly Unlike Any Other. Perhaps such could be said about each of us. If we aim for it. Strive for it. Pray for it.

And we’ll convene to discuss how to become that better version of ourselves here in Cincy on April 19, if you live here or want to travel to join us. (Yes, people actually do that!)

Schedule notes below…make it a great week guys, -Doug

**May ToTR is moved to May 24, largely because of my schedule change due to a bird strike! This is the one where wives, lady colleagues, etc. will be invited for the first time ever! Please prioritize it!

**Still a few spots left for Montana trip Sept. 5-10;

**Some guys are interested in an additional Montana trip on different dates; please notify us if you’re interested;

**Fundraising Golf Tournament on September 11, Oasis CC, hosted by Callahan Financial. More details forthcoming but please save the date.

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