A better understanding about what Thoughts on the Rocks is all about

 Thoughts on the Rocks began as a way for men who’d been on fishing, golf or other kinds of trips together to bring the depth of conversation and personal reflection “back home” to their home cities. In the first one, in Cincinnati, the events happen monthly in either a local restaurant/pub, or at a large home in the summertime. Lots more happens from there. Wherever you are in your journey, there’s a place for you to plug in and develop. Here is how:

  • Level 1: Commitment. ToTR starts with men who are committed to the patient, relational and intentional work required to help their friends, family and colleagues be introduced to faith as a resource for life.
  • Level 2. Contact. Men don’t usually want to be hounded or proselytized.  The apostle Paul said “we were well-pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God, but our very lives, because you’ve become so dear to us.” So we make contact, build relationships, and naturally invite guys to events.
  • Level 3. Events. Every man is a witness, but not all are called to be evangelists. The witness for a faith-based life and goodness towards others goes forward when men are naturally and caringly invited to something of value, and there discover a group of men who aren’t trying to do it alone, who can naturally and socially take relationships to the next level, who can engage in meaningful discussions rather than settling for the latest in politics, sports or the media. These events can take place around “Happy Hour,” as well as early mornings (“Thoughts Over Coffee”), breakfast (“Thoughts over Pancakes”), or anything that creates a natural and neutral environment.
  • Level 4. Small Man Camp trips. Whether long weekends or short weeks; whether golf, fishing, shooting, biking or boating; whether a small group of 8 or large group of 35-40, the trips are designed to help men get away for an experience with other men like nothing they’ve had before.
  • Level 5. Small Groups. Whereas the monthly events are designed to be introductory and reflective in nature, the Small Groups are where men are invited to go deeper, and enter into levels of accountability and support where “Iron Sharpens Iron” from which strong men grow.
  • Level 6. Church. Ultimately, our hope is that everyone would have a church, parish or synagogue that will help them (and their families) flourish.
  • Level 7. Leadership. This is for those who want to step up and invite others to join them at Level 1, while continuing to grow together as 7th Level accountable friends.