Current reach ranges from 50 to 400 through the monthly gatherings, adventure trips, small groups, roundtables and 1-on-1 engagements and weekly Monday Moment inspiration letter. We will reach a wider scope when we initiate several web-based offerings, including podcasts, as part of our Strategic Plan.

Local leaders who want to see this happen for their friends step up to provide administrative leadership and oversight.

Most of our donors have ranged from $100/month to $5000/year. On occasion there’ve been larger gifts. We operate on a relative shoestring and are currently working on infrastructure additions such as web development, curriculum upgrades, new city roll-out training, new media and modest compensation City Directors

Our donors and volunteers are welcomed to ask for our Operating Goals and Business Plans. Our intent is to fund the “home office” through our friends who’ve been touched by our work and by like-minded and like-hearted friends of our Founder. Future cities will be served by our “home office” but will fund themselves. That is how this will be a scalable and self-sustaining enterprise.

First, a man (or group of men) either experience a ToTR event or hear about it. They are then invited to come to a monthly ToTR event and/or a Man Camp trip. At that point, a potential City Leader goes through an orientation and qualification progress with our Home Team in Cincinnati. Once approved, he/they are commissioned to gather 8-12 foundational partners for training and orientation, and our Executive Director, Doug Howe, delivers that. We then provide the monthly curriculum and trip assistance planning for the leaders in that city, as well as administrative support, and assistance with helping men move from event attendance to Man Camp participation to small groups to 1-on-1 mentoring, as well as training in how to invite, lead, serve and coach other men.

The most traditional way is to mail a check and/or pledge note to Bob Lynch, CFO, at his address above. The simplest way is to go to and click the “donate” button. That function is secure and you may also designate a recurring gift. Transfers of stock or other appreciated assets should be initiated with Mr. Lynch, as well. All appropriate receipts will follow immediately.

Please reach out to the Board member, our Director, whomever you are most comfortable with. Or click here to receive a response from one of our leaders. We invite it!